Call center as an e-commerce marketing strategy

Today, online companies invest a great deal of resources in increasing communication with their target audience through different platforms. Among all of them, speaking over the phone continues to be one of the most preferred communication methods by users, as well as the perfect tool for digital marketing.

Call center services, as well as virtual PBX phone services, both understand that communication tools are fundamental when carrying out an effective marketing strategy in any online company.


A good marketing strategy helps attract customers. However, this can’t be done unless a company can interact with its target market. A successful marketing campaign will fail without establishing the correct marketing strategies, establishing customer loyalty or brand positioning.

This is where call center tools and marketing strategies converge: both users and businesses need to provide contact information in order to answer any questions, provide customer support and make consultations. All of this can be done with the proper implementation of a business telephone network.

A good way to retain customers is by taking into account that most businesses operate online. This means businesses no longer require a physical establishment to communicate with customers. They now use several different means of communication, online and offline, to provide customer support in order to retain their customers.



Having a telephone service as the company’s main marketing strategy will bring several different advantages, such as:

  • Improve the company’s image. The simple fact of offering the client a direct form of contact with a human, such as a phone call, offers a much more positive image than having to wait online for an email response or an automated chatbot response. In addition, if you combine multiple different forms of communication where customers may reach you, this gives off an even better company image.
  • New sales opportunities. Being able to contact a client directly, as well as inform them of new products or services, will help you gain new customers. The flexibility of a telephone conversation allows you to identify the customer’s needs and offer them other products that they might be interested in.
  • Knowledge of the market. Being able to keep in contact with your clients directly allows you to conduct market research. Speaking to different clients lets you know first hand what is trending, what is still needed, what customers are looking for, etc. By conducting market research, you will be able to improve your current services, as well as build customer loyalty by showing that you care about their opinions.
  • Personalization. Everyday, it becomes easier to provide a more personalized conversation with clients, thanks to CRM tool integrations with call center software. These tools allow you to view your client’s information as soon as they call, such as their contact info and what services they have with you.
  • Customer Loyalty. Market research, personalized conversations, and simple telephone calls will create customer loyalty.
  • Several actions in a single conversation. Today, call center software not only allows you to call back your customers, but it also allows them to make card payments over the phone or contact you through Whatsapp Business, which is integrated into the call center software program.

In addition, call center software allows you to improve your marketing strategy day by day, by allowing you to keep track of your call data, such as statistics, call recordings, etc.


One of the benefits of using a call center as a marketing strategy tool is that it improves the customer experience while allowing you to manage your communication. It allows you to get to know your customers first and improve your business image, by providing them with quick and helpful tips from the moment they first call.

Thanks to the many features of the call center software, such as ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), or integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, the customer service experience has improved significantly.

Nowadays, businesses are already using phone services as a fundamental marketing strategy tool, by providing the best customer service experience while managing their calls. However, don’t forget that a complete marketing strategy should not depend on just one method of communication. Diversify your contact methods by using social media, Whatsapp Business or by providing an email address so customers can reach you.